How to Work - Online Study

We have adopted the following proposal to focus on "How to Work" as our overall aim for 2015:

A proposal for our work together in 2015 that addresses the following aims:

  • A practical approach to personal and collective transformation
  • Balancing the three lines of work in our group interactions
  • A longer and more integrated process
  • More time to focus on specific lines of enquiry (topics)
  • More and more varied exercises
  • More discussion and opportunity for participant presentations/manifestations
  • More room for creativity

The format that we are considering is to take one overall Aim/Theme/Question for all of 2015. Put simply, it would be the question “How to Work?”. Expanding that just a bit we might say… with all of our experience and all of the resources and methods to which we have access, can we come to a clear and effective understanding of how to apply all of this in our personal and collective lives such that we know, moment to moment, in any situation; what, why and how to Work.  …and not just ‘know it’, but really be capable of ‘doing’ the Work; which, of course, really means being capable of letting the Work ‘do us’.

The logistical arrangements will quite likely look something like this:

  • A repeating three week cycle where:
    • Week 1 would be an overall presentation of a topic; exercises to make real contact with the theme; individual tailored (rather than a group) tasks for the period.
    • Week 2 would be observations, questions, and research
    • Week 3 would be participant contributions, discussion, and creative activity
  • Roughly 16 of these cycles, finishing in December
  • “Spontaneous” (extra) sessions to work on exercises, listen to recordings, attend other events, etc.
  • Expanded use of the website as a resource, forum for discussions, blogs, history, interactions with “non-participants”, etc.
  • Creating 2 and 3 person teams for more supportive individual work

To a certain extent we will stay with the quarterly cycle which would then roughly consist of four three-week cycles.  Each of the four quarters will have their own flavor or point of focus.

I propose that we take “Reasoning” as our first line of enquiry. Can we reason with ourselves to the point of ‘inescapable clarity’ about our relationship to the Work and to ourselves? Can we reason with ourselves to the point of real transformation with that method alone? (see John Hutcherson’s blog –January 2nd through the 5th for introductory comments on this theme.)

Other lines of enquiry may include topics such as chief feature, the seven lines of work, breathing, energies, etc. But we’re not limited to the “usual suspects”. We may, for example, enquire into what we should read… including movies (They Live), poems, music, etc. We might enquire into how we integrate our Work into a relationship with a non-Workie partner, our parents, children, work environment.

The cost for this is $240/quarter. If you truly cannot afford this amount, other arrangements are possible. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this line of work.